Commercial Producing Projects

While I produce all of my personal photography projects, I also produce commercial photography projects for outside clients. Here are a few selected projects.

A trip to the Circus: Producer

This collaborative project was funded by Hales Photo, with Natalie Hales being the mastermind behind the concept. I was able to act as the lead producer from start to finish handling everything from location, casting, scheduling, to final image delivery.

Sailing with Style: Producer

This fun fashion photoshoot was produced as a collaborative opportunity for everyone involved. I handled the location, talent, scheduling, and submitted the work for publications and awards. Concept, funding, and photography by Hales Photo. Published on Rangefinder | Merrymen Magazine | Prolific Quarterly Magazine | Horizont | Obscurae Magazine | Bring Me Magazine

Dasani: Associate Producer

I had the opportunity to work as an associate producer on multiple advertising campaigns for Coca-Cola brand’s Dasani, Dasani Sparkling, and Diet Coke. My role consisted of acting as an assistant to the executive producer of the production company Wild Dingo Studios hired to produce the project. I was able to help in numerous aspects from schedules, creating pre-production books, hiring crew, and being a point of contact between the production company and the client. Here are a few selected images from 3 different campaigns.

Intercontinental Hotels Group: Associate Producer

As an associate producer on this project for Wild Dingo Studios, I assisted with pre-production coordinating and I was the producer’s assistant on set. The client was Candlewood Suites, and our crew consisted of 20 people and a cast of 13 talented individuals.

Dreaming of Leaving : Associate Producer

I helped develop the concept for this fashion editorial, pre-production planning and casting, and acted as a photo assistant on set.

LG Hausys: Associate Producer

Not only did I coordinated this photoshoot from hiring, scheduling, and direction, but I was also the main contact between the photographer and the client on set.

Centers for Disease Control: Associate Producer

This photoshoot was an advertising campaign for the CDC focused on violence prevention between same sex couples and couples with disabilities. In order to keep this project authentic, one of my roles was to find talent the fit the characters we needed to fill. I also assisted with pre-production planning and assisted the producer on set.

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